Ayush & Aditi | Weddings are always fun!!


When it comes to clients, we leave no stones unturned to capture each and every moment of wedding with grace and elegance. There were a lot of moments where we thought that this is it, this the most we can capture in terms of Best Wedding Photography. But when we captured Ayush & Aditi’s Delhi wedding, we were speechless. There was so much to capture that every moment was a beautiful surprise for us.

If you take a look at the candid wedding photography of Ayush & Aditi, you will see a lot of beautiful and mesmerising pictures. But if you ask us, we would say that there were moments when we thought to ourselves, “Are the camera’s enough to capture the beauty of what we’re seeing?”

Some say that the only pictures that stand out are from pre wedding photography. But that’s actually not true. The Best Wedding Photography pictures come from the couple who is ready to give it all to make their photoshoot, picture-perfect. So here are some beautiful pictures from their wedding that will convince you to book your dates right now.

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Written Date

19 Oct, 2019


The Wedding Files

The Wedding Files
The Wedding Files
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