Shraddha and Dhaval || A Family Wedding Story


When it comes to capturing a wedding, we try to put more focus on capturing the rawness of it. That’s why we aim towards capturing the candid moments of a wedding. The rule of being the Best Wedding Photographer is only. You have to meet the expectations of the event. You can’t capture 2-3 random shots and call yourself a candid wedding photographer. Being a Wedding Photographer takes a lot more than that. You have to understand the soul of the event.

The wedding of Shraddha and Dhaval was like that only. There was so much going around that we had to be present at multiple places at once. A lot of people hire a pre wedding photographer to make sure that their love and intimacy is not missing out in the pictures. But we made sure of that in their Wedding Pictures. You can see that each and every picture of their wedding is a story in itself.

And weddings are about that only. You have one day to yourself to be yourself and celebrate it with everything you got. And also the best photographer who can do justice to those moments by capturing pictures that one can cherish for a lifetime.

You can check out Full Event - Shraddha and Dhaval || A Family Wedding Story



Written Date

21 Oct, 2019


The Wedding Files

The Wedding Files
The Wedding Files
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